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Tired of the same old kueh raya every year? Spice up your festive spread with our delectable roasted cashew nuts.

Made with the finest ingredients and roasted to perfection, they're the perfect choice for those seeking something different this festive season.

Four flavours

Salted Toffee Cashew Nuts

a harmonious blend of sweet toffee, savory salt, and creamy cashews

Tom Yum Goong Cashew Nuts

aromatic explosion of Thai flavors with the fiery kick of chili

Salted Egg Cashew Nuts

a savory umami punch from the salted egg coating, and a hint of aromatic spices

Sweet & Spicy Cashew Nuts

a tantalizing fusion of sweetness from caramelization, heat from spices, and nutty richness


$16 - 250gm

$25 - 500gm

Flat rate doorstep delivery : $10

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Please make payment to UEN 53370199J (A Love Knot) and upload the screenshot of payment.

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