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Bringing local flavors to a whole new experience and sharing it with people close to heart. This favor will bring back nostalgic memories and definitely a conversation starter.


Price is inclusive of ribbon rope / rustic rope and customized tag.


* Due to product ingredient sensitivity (contains coconut milk), our Kaya is made to order and has a shelf life of two weeks (expiry date is available on jar). 


* We strongly encourage delivery and self-collection to be scheduled one day prior to event day.


* Not suitable for overseas shipping.




Jar size :

- Small (40ml) - 4.2cm by 5cm

- Medium (60ml) - 4.2cm by 6.5cm

- Large (100ml) - 5.0cm by 7.4cm

Tag size :

- Small jar - 1 inch round tag

- Medium jar - 1.25 inch round tag

- Large jar - 1.75 inch round tag

Kaya in Hexagon Jars


- Price per unit :
$1.80 (small), $2.30 (medium) & $2.80 (large)
- Prices are fixed and favors are non-refundable.

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