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A piece inspired by our local brand, Ya Kun Kaya.


A pandan kaya wedding favor embodies the perfect blend of cultural richness and culinary delight, making it a unique and memorable gift for your guests on your special day. As your guests receive this favor, they'll be greeted by an inviting aroma that hints at the pandan's distinct fragrance, reminiscent of a tropical paradise.



Price is inclusive of ribbon rope / rustic rope and customized tag.


* Due to product ingredient sensitivity (contains coconut milk), our Kaya is made to order and has a shelf life of two weeks (expiry date is available on jar). 


* We strongly encourage delivery and self-collection to be scheduled one day prior to event day.


* Not suitable for overseas shipping.



Jar size (one size only) :

- Small (45ml) - 4.2cm by 5cm

Shuang Xi Kaya - Inspired by Ya Kun


- Price per unit :
- Minimum order is 50 pieces 
- Prices are fixed and favors are non-refundable.

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