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If you are looking for a simple yet longlasting gift, our handpoured soy candle is an excellent choice. Soy candles are non-toxins and it burns slower than ordinary candle. With an array of scents for your selection, our candle can be further customized with the personalized tags or stickers and finished with rustic rope or satin ribbon. 

If you have any packaging preference, please share with us and we will make it work for you.

Price is inclusive of ribbon rope / rustic rope and customized tag.




Jar size :

- Small (40ml) - 4.2cm by 5cm

- Medium (60ml) - 4.2cm by 6.5cm

- Large (100ml) - 5.0cm by 7.4cm

Tag size :

- Small & Medium jar - 1.25 inch round tag

- Large jar - 1.75 inch round tag

Soy Candle in Hexagon Jars


- Price per unit :
$3.00 (small), $3.50 (medium) & $4.00 (large)
- Favors are sold in multiples of 10.
- Prices are fixed and favors are non-refundable.

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